SPARK Insights: Executives Reveal Utility Data Acquisition as Key Challenge

Urjanet Inc  |  December 29, 2015   |  Energy & Sustainability  


At SPARK15, Urjanet’s third-annual energy and sustainability conference, thought leaders and experts from around the world gathered to discuss and debate the critical challenges facing professionals who are driving change at the intersection of energy, technology, and big data. SPARK Insights is a video series captured at the event featuring executives discussing new innovations and pinpointing how disparate energy and utility data is often the biggest obstacle that companies are struggling to overcome when trying to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions.

As Priscilla Koeckeritz, President & CEO of EnergyPrint, explains: “The biggest problem facing companies today that want to manage their energy is the fragmentation and decentralization of utility information. With thousands of utilities providing power to buildings, it’s really difficult to get your arms around all of that information.” She goes on to discuss how important it is to make someone responsible for sharing insights across the organization, getting the facilities people to speak the language of the financial team and getting the financial team to understand which energy metrics are critical to determining the ROI of a project.

The featured executives agree that utility data is essential for all companies — big or small — because it affects not only the amount of money they spend on utilities, but also the time and focus that their employees put into managing those utilities. Efrain Quiros, VP of Partnerships & Operations at cr360, says, “Simply put, utility data is critical to sustainability management. I would go as far as to say that sustainability management cannot exist without utility bill data.”

It is clear that having accurate and detailed utility data at your fingertips is vital to energy and sustainability management initiatives. To hear more insights and expert advice from the participating executives, watch the full videos here:

Priscilla Koeckeritz, President & CEO, EnergyPrint

Efrain Quiros, VP of Partnerships & Operations, cr360

Mark Raisor, COO, EnterScape

Andy Anderson, Managing Partner, EnergyWatch

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