Utility Data for Sustainability Reporting

Get the most out of your sustainability reporting software with automated data collection

Urjanet provides automated access to utility bill and interval data from thousands of utilities worldwide. Propel your sustainability programs to success with accurate and data-driven sustainability reporting software.

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Next-level sustainability reporting

Timely and accurate data is foundational to successful ESG reporting. Power your sustainability reporting software with best-in-class data.

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Get your data automatically delivered into ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®

As an ENERGY STAR Service & Product Partner, Urjanet simplifies collection and reporting of ESG data into the Portfolio Manager tool. Meet benchmarking compliance requirements with ease, so you can spend more of your time on your next big project.

The world's largest utility data network

The Urjanet Utility Data Platform connects to thousands of electric, natural gas, water, and waste providers all over the world.


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Driving sustainability results for industry leaders

Jackson Family Wines advances sustainability and innovation with Urjanet.

Jackson Family Wines is a global collection of historic vineyards and more than 40 premium brands. The company uses the Urjanet platform to track and report on utility invoice and interval data from more than 300 electricity meters.

"Urjanet is providing us with a clean, detailed, and accurate source of data on our electricity use. When we look across our operations, having the best data possible lets us find opportunities to make sure that like our wine, we are getting better with each passing year."
Aaron Schreiber-Stainthorp, Sustainability Manager Jackson Family Wines


Urjanet provides automated, recurring access to utility bill or interval data to help organizations easily track their waste, water and energy consumption. Maximize the value of your sustainability reporting software with easy access to data. 

Urjanet is connected to more than 9,000 utilities across 52 countries.  We are continually adding new supported connections. Click here to search our list of providers.

Once an end user links their utility account to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform, our technology is able to programmatically access detailed utility bill data, interval data, and PDF copies of bills directly from the utility’s customer portal.

Urjanet identifies and captures bills as soon as they are made available by utility providers, empowering sustainability professionals to make decisions with the latest data.

If it’s on the bill, we can provide it. We capture all data points from your utility bill invoice. From amount due and service period to consumption and tariffs, we provide every data point applicable to your needs.

Urjanet offers several options including SQL and CSV, as well as custom integrations to deliver data directly into sustainability reporting software applications.

As a data provider, Urjanet does not offer a dashboard or visualization capabilities. However, our platform seamlessly integrates with several sustainability reporting software tools. Reach out to one of our experts to learn more about how we can meet your needs.

Yes, we deliver data directly to many popular industry applications, including ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®, through pre-built adapters. We can also customize data delivery for direct integrations into the software application of your choice. Click here to find out if your sustainability reporting software is already integrated with Urjanet.


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