Utility Data for ESG and Sustainability Reporting

Improve accuracy and streamline reporting processes with automated data collection

Accelerate your sustainability goals, or those of your customers, with minimal effort by connecting to automated utility data. Urjanet provides utility bill and interval data access from thousands of utilities worldwide to help reduce errors, focus efforts, and refine reporting.

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Powering sustainability reporting for large enterprises and energy software companies


Fast and efficient sustainability reporting and tracking

Streamline high volume data collection with an automated scalable solution. Receive scope 1 and scope 2 emissions in a standardized digital format that can be imported into any system.

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Get your data automatically delivered into ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®

As an ENERGY STAR Service & Product Partner, Urjanet simplifies collection and reporting of ESG data into the Portfolio Manager tool. Meet benchmarking compliance requirements with ease, so you can spend more of your time on your next big project.

The world's largest utility data network

The Urjanet Utility Data Platform connects to thousands of electric, natural gas, water, and waste providers all over the world.


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Driving sustainability results for industry leaders

Jackson Family Wines advances sustainability and innovation with Urjanet.

Jackson Family Wines is a global collection of historic vineyards and more than 40 premium brands. The company uses the Urjanet platform to track and report on utility invoice and interval data from more than 300 electricity meters.

"Urjanet is providing us with a clean, detailed, and accurate source of data on our electricity use. When we look across our operations, having the best data possible lets us find opportunities to make sure that like our wine, we are getting better with each passing year."
Aaron Schreiber-Stainthorp, Sustainability Manager Jackson Family Wines


Gathering energy usage data to calculate carbon emissions for reporting is time-consuming, resource-intensive and error-prone. Urjanet automates access to utility bill and interval data directly from utilities, eliminating tedious processes and errors associated with manual data collection.

Commercial enterprises, sustainability software companies, consultants and other services use Urjanet to aggregate data for themselves or their customers.

Urjanet connects to over 9,000 utility providers across 52 countries. The connections continue to grow and new providers are easily added upon request. You can search our list of providers here.

Once a utility customer links their utility account, Urjanet is able to capture utility bill data, interval data, and the original PDF of the bill directly from the customer’s online utility account.

The data is standardized and provided in a SQL or CSV file that can be imported into any system. There are also custom integration options. Delivery frequency can be as often as daily or based on your desired frequency.

We capture all data points from your utility bill, including the energy consumption detail needed for determining your carbon emissions for reporting. The amount due, service period, tariffs and other data points are also provided, which can be used to inform energy management decisions.

Yes, we deliver data directly to many popular industry applications, including ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®, through pre-built adapters. We can also customize data delivery for direct integrations into the software application of your choice. Click here to find out if your sustainability reporting software is already integrated with Urjanet.

Minimal IT resources are required to implement Urjanet’s platform. For many customers the implementation timeframe is as short as 3 weeks.


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