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Urjanet connects to a global network of utility providers and delivers utility data directly into the application of your choosing. Whether your needs require utility bill or interval data, historical or ongoing data, delivery on a set schedule or on-demand, our platform was built to work for you. Let Urjanet simplify and streamline utility data aggregation on your behalf so you can focus on your business.

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Each provider makes their data available in different ways. Whether it be through an online portal, API, data file, or even a paper bill, there is no standard way to receive utility data. We eliminate this challenge with our growing network of global connections.

Urjanet Utility Data

Smarter Aggregation

Because no two providers collect, categorize, and charge the same way, it’s nearly impossible to have a comprehensive view of utility data. The Urjanet Utility Data Platform leverages machine learning to normalize utility data from numerous sources and formats into one standardized data model. It constantly learns and improves as more data is connected and ensures accuracy through semantic and numeric audits.

Urjanet Utility Data

Easier Access

We provide flexible access to utility data through tailored deliveries or API. This allows for direct access to data or easy integration into other applications and systems, providing actionable insights for your business.


Each bill collected undergoes a multi-stage evaluation to ensure data integrity. Everything from account level to meter-level usages and charges are validated against a series of standalone and contextual data quality audits. These audits are constantly updated to improve accuracy of the data delivered.

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Stage 1

Stage 1 checks primarily include data verifications that can be evaluated from within a single invoice. This process guarantees the data within an invoice is accurate.

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Stage 2

Stage 2 checks compare a new invoice against a history of a previous invoice to confirm that cost and consumption fall within rational historical ranges.


Access to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform is secured by a combination of network security and authentication requirements, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access. Sensitive data is stored encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption. Data is transferred both inside and outside our platform using SSL/TLS, SSH, and SFTP.

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We can also deliver data directly to many popular industry applications through a number of pre-built, standard adapters. These can be configured and customized for easy integration into other software applications upon request.

Integrations include:

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