Utility Data for Energy Management

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Urjanet provides automated access to utility bill and interval data from thousands of utilities worldwide. Achieve savings, meet data-driven efficiency goals, and drive detailed reporting with streamlined energy data management.

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Next-level energy data management

Timely and accurate data is foundational to building and verifying successful energy management initiatives. Take your programs to the next level with automated utility data.

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The world's largest utility data network

The Urjanet Utility Data Platform connects to more than 9,000 electricity, natural gas, water, waste, cable, and telecom providers across 52 countries.


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Urjanet provides automated, recurring access to utility bill or interval data for tracking, reporting, and analyzing your organization’s energy spend and consumption.

Urjanet is integrated with more than 9,000 utilities across 52 countries. We are continually adding new supported connections. Search supported utility providers here.

Once an end user links their utility account to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform, our technology is able to programmatically access detailed utility bill data, interval data, and PDF copies of bills directly from the utility’s customer portal.

Urjanet identifies and captures bills as soon as they are made available by utility providers, empowering energy managers to bypass efforts to manually retrieve or enter data, be proactive in their energy tracking and reporting, and measure & verify savings achieved.

If it’s on the bill, we can provide it. We capture all data points from your utility bill invoice. From amount due and service period to demand charges and tariffs, we provide every data point applicable to your needs.

Urjanet offers several options including SQL and CSV, as well as custom integrations to deliver data directly into energy management systems or software applications. 

Yes, Urjanet supports automated delivery of utility data into ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®. Urjanet also delivers data directly to many popular industry applications through custom adapters. We can configure and customize data delivery formats for easy integration into any software application.

Access to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform is secured by a combination of network security and authentication requirements, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access. Sensitive data is stored encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption. Data is transferred both inside and outside our platform using SSL/TLS, SSH, and SFTP.


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