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Utility Invoice Capture for AP Automation

Accelerate utility and telecom invoice processing with a direct connection to suppliers

Urjanet collects utility and telecom invoices from thousands of service providers, so you can eliminate paper and PDF invoice processing. With digitally captured invoice data in a machine-readable format, you can easily populate any accounts payable application with accurate data to ensure on-time payments – no human intervention needed.

Accelerate AP processes with automated utility invoice capture

Take the burden off of your customers’ hands with a touchless solution for processing telecom, electricity, natural gas, and waste invoices. With Urjanet’s reliable technology for utility invoice capture and extraction, you can provide true end-to-end AP automation with unlimited scalability.

Get up and running quickly

Simplify telecom and utility invoice capture with Urjanet’s RESTful API or secure web-based tools.


The world’s largest utility data network

The Urjanet Utility Data Platform connects to more than 9,000 electricity, natural gas, water, waste, cable, and telecom providers across 52 countries.


natural gas utility data

Natural Gas

water utility data


waste utility data






Urjanet connects to over 2,500 utility suppliers across North America to automate invoices for electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, cable, water, waste, and solar services.

The Urjanet Utility Data Platform automatically collects utility invoice data through cloud-based, intelligent technology. We connect directly to the account holder’s online utility account and automate data extraction from the invoice.

Urjanet captures all data points from the invoice that are required for approval, payment, and reconciliation, including header data and statement detail.

Data is provided in JSON and CSV formats, along with a PDF image of the original invoice.

Urjanet retrieves invoice data immediately after it’s made available on the utility supplier’s website.

Yes, data can be integrated into any application using our API or directly downloaded from Urjanet Console. Our professional services team can also assist with integration support. Learn more about Custom Integration Services.

Urjanet’s Utility Bill Management solution contains a more extensive dataset than the dataset for AP automation, including consumption and tariff detail. The Urjanet Utility Invoice Capture dataset was purpose-built for fast and direct delivery of invoice data to accelerate utility invoice payments.


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