Get Ahead Of Rising Energy Costs With Automated Utility Data

Kristen Guilfoil  |  April 1, 2022   |  Energy & Sustainability  


Recently, The Wall Street Journal published an article regarding what consumers and businesses could expect from rising energy costs, and it’s not pretty. Several factors are contributing to the turbulent price of natural gas. From inflation and the negative effects of climate change to a global supply shortage–it is time for businesses to get ahead of the impending rise of energy costs. 

All across the country, communities seem to be experiencing the effects of these extenuating circumstances. Some consumers reported seeing their bills increase by 20% or more, while others reported their bills nearly doubled in just one month. Although some regions are being hit worse than others, all businesses can expect to see an increase in their energy bills. 

In the coming months, energy managers will be charged with finding an answer to rising costs. Find out how your region might be affected. 

Understanding your Utility Data

With these costs on the horizon, it’s more important than ever for businesses to take control of their energy consumption and costs. This starts with the utility bill and a better understanding of your utility data. In the coming months, energy managers will be charged with finding an answer to these rising costs, but this will be difficult, especially when accounting for multiple facilities scattered across a wide geography. 

Good data, delivered reliably, in an easy to analyze format is necessary to accomplish this lofty task. It will allow energy managers to benchmark facilities, identify potential areas for improvement, and provide guidance in determining which energy efficiency measures to invoke. Continuous monthly delivery of utility data will help to track progress against these initiatives and allow quick adjustments with any measures that are not working as planned. All this leads to more efficient facilities and cost savings. 


Get ahead of rising energy costs

For years, Urjanet has been helping companies solve their energy consumption and cost challenges. It’s one of the reasons we were founded, to empower businesses with insight. With Utility Cloud, companies get a flexible, cost-effective solution that will provide historical energy consumption and spending, as well as a comprehensive, accurate picture over time. Are you ready to get ahead of rising energy costs and take control of your energy consumption? Speak with one of our experts today. 


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