SPARK Insights with Andy Anderson, Partner and Managing Director, EnergyWatch

SPARK Insights with Marty Sieh, Chief Facilities Operating Officer, Ecova

Energy and Sustainability thought leaders share their insights at Urjanet’s SPARK15 Conference.

EnergyWatch Partner and Managing Director, Andy Anderson, attended Urjanet’s annual conference, SPARK15, and shared valuable insights on the challenges facing many of his clients.

Anderson, most companies struggle with the following when calculating a carbon footprint:

  • Acquiring the accurate data from different sources, locations, and more.
  • Normalizing the data and reporting on the same metrics across various facilities

Prior to working with EnergyWatch and Urjanet, clients were using manual data entry methods, such as excel spreadsheets, to track and analyze their cost and consumption data. “It amazing and mind boggling the amount of companies with millionaire dollar market caps who were using Excel spreadsheets with 50 different tabs for 50 different locations,” to track their utility bill data, said Anderson. He agrees that using an integration powered by a group of knowledge experts to take care of the collection and automation process of the utility data can transform how a business reports on its sustainability efforts.

Anderson sees a future that holds better methods of accessing and analyzing data. “I think we’re getting out of the shoeboxes and into something more efficient,” he said.

Check out the video below to learn more about Anderson’s insights from SPARK15.