Power your business solutions with easy access to utility data

Power your business solutions with easy access to utility data

Urjanet helps companies connect with the utility data they need to support greater financial inclusion, sustainability goals, fraud prevention, and data privacy.


Unlock the power of utility data

Whether you’re driving energy management or sustainability initiatives, building the next generation of fintech solutions, or just trying to make sure your company’s bills are paid on time and in full, the Urjanet Utility Data Platform is here to work for you.

Alternative Credit Scoring

Drive faster, more accurate lending decisions and reduce decline traffic with on-demand access to utility bill payment history.

AP Automation

Automate your utility and telecom invoice capture and accelerate processing with a direct connection to suppliers.

Energy Management

Conduct granular energy analysis in less time and with more detail to drive energy efficiency and savings.

Identity Verification

Access third-party verified, user-permissioned utility bill data to rapidly validate identity and address.

Solar Sales

Accelerate solar sales and create trusted proposals with automated access to electric cost and consumption data.

Sustainability Reporting

Propel your sustainability programs to success with accurate metrics and data-driven reporting.

Utility Bill Management

Streamline utility bill processing with automated bill delivery to avoid late fees and reduce billing errors.

The world’s largest utility data network

The Urjanet Utility Data Platform connects to more than 9,000 electricity, natural gas, water, waste, cable, and telecom providers all over the world.


natural gas utility data

Natural Gas

water utility data


waste utility data





Working with utility data doesn’t have to be hard

We work to simplify the complexity of data collection, so you can get up and running quickly with the utility data you need. Integrate the power of the Urjanet Utility Data Platform directly within your applications - we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on creating a seamless experience.


Leading companies innovate with Urjanet utility data


Cox Enterprises relies on Urjanet to optimize efficiency.

Urjanet’s automated, customizable data feed enables Cox’s team to streamline operations. Using the Urjanet Utility Data Platform, Cox has significantly reduced energy costs and accelerated the impact of sustainability initiatives.

“[Utility data aggregation] used to be a very slow, manual, static process -- now we have the capability to have information delivered to us instantly.”
Cobb Pearson, Energy Procurement Manager Cox Enterprises

Mubea reduced water usage by three million gallons with Urjanet and Enterscape.

Mubea partnered with Urjanet and Enterscape to identify inefficiencies and prioritize water efficiency projects with the best returns.

“With Urjanet’s timely and standardized utility data integrated directly into EnterScape’s utility data management software, we can see at any time how much we are using and spending on energy, water, and other resources across the board.”
Randy Williamson, EHS & Energy Specialist Mubea

Alternative credit bureau eCredable partners with Urjanet to expand credit access to consumers.

eCredable customers are able to link their utility accounts through Urjanet, providing valuable payment history for credit risk assessment.

“We have an opportunity to redefine credit reporting for hundreds of millions of consumers. With Urjanet, we can do that.”
Cutch Moore, COO eCredable

Urjanet frees EnergyWatch from the grind of manual data processing.

Partnering with Urjanet frees up 105 hours a month for EnergyWatch analysts to spend on strategic, higher level analysis.

“What really sold me on Urjanet’s data solution are its accuracy, speed, and completeness. It captures all line items on an invoice, not just the total energy consumption and cost.”
Andy Anderson, Partner & Managing Director EnergyWatch