SPARK Insights with Efrain Quiros, VP Partnerships & Operations, cr360

Energy and Sustainability thought leaders share their insights at Urjanet’s SPARK15 Conference. Efrain Quiros, VP Partnerships and Operations at cr360 attended Urjanet's annual conference, SPARK15. Quiros wanted to share some of his valuable industry insights while at the conference. "The biggest roadblocks we see for anyone starting out in sustainability management or energy management is really understanding the data," he said. He said the following have remained major issues for understanding data:
  • Knowing what data is needed
  • Where this data exists
  • How to access this data
  • The stakeholders that need to participate in the collection process
He said the data acquisition piece is the biggest challenge most professionals face when their first starting out in building their sustainability and energy management programs. Quiros believes that far too often people get bogged down in the acquisition process and let more important tasks, like analysis, reporting, and implementing initiatives, fall to the wayside. "It's really important to be able to automate where you can so you can focus on the higher value piece of cost savings, energy savings, and creating a higher value for the organization," he said. Check out Efrain Quiros's full commentary on data acquisition challenges in the video below: