Utility Data for Utility Bill Management

Streamline utility bill management and achieve accurate, timely bill payments

Urjanet provides automated access to utility bill data from thousands of utilities worldwide. Whether you offer a UBM solution for your customers or just want to manage your own bills, the Urjanet Utility Data Platform will streamline utility bill processing, help you avoid late fees, and reduce costs.

Utility Bill Management

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Utility bill management, simplified

Streamline collection, validation, and payment of utility bills with the Urjanet Utility Data Platform.

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The world's largest utility data network

The Urjanet Utility Data Platform connects to more than 9,000 electricity, natural gas, water, waste, cable, and telecom providers across 52 countries.


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Driving efficiency for industry leaders in utility bill management

Altisource speeds up invoice processing and payments with Urjanet.

Altisource is a leading real estate services and technology provider. With Urjanet, the company was able to dramatically reduce turnaround time for processing payments, resulting in operational efficiency, cost savings, and increased customer satisfaction.


The Urjanet Utility Data Platform provides automated utility bill invoices to enable expense management and accounting departments to streamline utility billing processing, avoid late fees, and reduce costs.

The Urjanet Utility Data Platform automatically aggregates utility data from more than 9,000 utilities across 52 countries. The complex data that we collect is streamlined by our cloud-based, intelligent technology and formatted to meet your specific needs. If we’re missing a utility provider you need, we’ll build the integration free of charge.

Urjanet identifies and captures utility bills as soon as they are made available from the utility, giving you access to the data you need to ensure effective utility bill management.

Urjanet captures and delivers all of the data points provided on the bill. From amount due and service period to consumption and tariffs, we’ll help you get the data you need in the format you need it.

Urjanet offers several options for receiving your data, including SQL, CSV, or via a custom integration.

Yes, data can be integrated into any application. Check out our Custom Integration Services for more information.


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