SPARK Insights with Priscilla Koeckeritz, President & CEO, EnergyPrint

Energy and Sustainability thought leaders share their insights at Urjanet’s SPARK15 Conference. Priscilla Koeckeritz, President and CEO of EnergyPrint, attended Urjanet's annual conference, SPARK15, and had some interesting insights to share. "The reason companies care about saving energy today is really one word: dollars," she said, "Fees and other factors are really increasing the overall cost of energy for buildings." Koeckeritz says that corporations and even small businesses care about putting more money to their bottom line rather than spending large figures on energy costs and consumption. "The biggest challenge today for energy management is the decentralization and fragmentation of utility information," she said. She says that companies like Urjanet are providing an opportunity to truly help businesses get their arms around the 1,000s of utilities, rates, charges, fees, tariffs and other data that can be difficult to acquire. By offering an automated way to acquire and normalize this data from disparate locations, companies can better understand their consumption and usage, saving them time and money on operational costs. Check out the full video below to see more of this industry expert's insights around energy management and utility data automation. Also check out the rest of our collection of SPARK15 insights in our Resource Library.