Urjanet Console

A robust suite of web tools to manage all your utility data needs

Urjanet Console is your home for all things utility data. Maximize the productivity of your team and get the most out of the Urjanet Utility Data Platform though a single, intuitive web interface. Whether you’re a solar installer, credit risk manager, compliance specialist, or software product manager, we make it easy to get set up and manage your services with Urjanet.


24x7 access to the tools you need to maximize utility data

Urjanet makes it easy to work with utility data anytime, anywhere. Simply log in to the Urjanet Console portal to simplify administrative tasks and help you get the most out of utility data.


Unlock the power of utility data

Alternative Credit Scoring

Drive faster, more accurate lending decisions and reduce decline traffic with on-demand access to utility bill payment history.

AP Automation

Automate your utility and telecom invoice capture and accelerate processing with a direct connection to suppliers.

Energy Procurement

Make faster, more reliable energy procurement decisions with enhanced visibility into historical consumption and cost.

Identity Verification

Access third-party verified, user-permissioned utility bill data to rapidly validate identity and address.

Solar Sales

Accelerate solar sales and create trusted proposals with automated access to electric cost and consumption data.


Urjanet Console is a suite of web tools organized in a central portal to manage Urjanet services for solar sales, identity verification, alternative credit scoring and all on-demand data requests.

There is no additional cost for you or your team members to use the portal.

Within the portal, you can view data requests, configure Urjanet Connect, check the status of data requests, view and download data, search supported providers, and manage users.


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