Goby & Urjanet Partner on Big Data for Energy Efficiency Solutions

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Goby, Inc. – a 2014 ENERGY STAR™ Partner of the Year– and Urjanet, Inc., the world’s first provider of automated big energy data, today announced our partnership which will enable Goby’s customers to easily access big data from utilities. This will allow companies to strategically manage and reduce their energy use.

“Goby’s SeaSuite™ customers can fight climate change through greater energy efficiency,” said Goby CEO, Chris Happ. “In order to achieve insights to cut carbon emissions, it takes accurate data from a facility’s monthly energy bills.”

Leading commercial real estate firms utilize Goby’s SaaS-based SeaSuite™ platform to track sustainability in a single cloud-based interface. SeaSuite™ customers average 5-10% cost reductions just by tracking energy consumption, but it takes timely, high quality data – like Urjanet’s big energy data – to achieve the insights needed to identify reduction opportunities. Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized Goby with a 2014 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Service and Product Provider Award for its outstanding contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by helping companies strategically manage and reduce their energy use.

Now, by partnering with Urjanet, Goby is enabling its SeaSuite™ users with access to near real-time, big data services that automate the collection, normalization and delivery of data from a rapidly growing list of more than 900 utility providers. Instead of relying on data entry clerks to manually input data, Urjanet’s proprietary platform aggregates data from thousands of sources to deliver it directly into applications such as SeaSuite™.

“Working with an innovative company like Goby is a perfect testament to the value of combining a leading-edge real estate technology solution with an efficient, automated big energy data service,” said Urjanet’s CEO, Sanjoy Malik. “Good decisions can only be made when you have good data, and that is precisely what SeaSuite™ customers will be getting with the combined solution.”

For more information, keep up with Goby and Urjanet on Twitter. To learn more about how Urjanet can help your firm with its big data and energy efficiency solutions, contact us now.

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