A Shortcut to Delivering Key Energy Management Insights

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A common theme in our conversations with energy and finance managers about strategic energy management is that there’s never enough time to thoroughly analyze utility bills for unusual activity. How can they easily achieve the key energy management insights needed to cut both energy costs and carbon emissions?

Does this sound familiar? If so, take heart in the fact that most large organizations have similar challenges. Accurately analyzing a large volume of utility bills can be daunting a challenge. A strategic approach to energy management requires a through analysis of utility bill data to uncover the pitfalls and ferret out the opportunities.

A step in this direction is to be able to discover and quickly deliver key insights to your team. This can be achieved with an automated alert system. These types of systems can review very large volumes of billing data and automatically flag anomalies. They require a one-time setup and then run behind the scenes to continuously evaluate billing data.

A notification system may have dozens of different types of alerts. Once you pick the alerts that are relevant to your organization, you should decide the people who can take quick action that need to be notified. This is critical. There is value to an alert ONLY if it results in an action that can lead to a positive outcome.

The format of the alert should be easy to understand and it should be delivered to a device that is always accessible. Here is an example of a “High Cost Alert” which was delivered via email to a smartphone.

Implementing an alert system is a step forward toward a more proactive energy management program. As you manage and process your day-to-day utility data, the alerts will be your “early warning system” to identify anomalies and let you immediately take corrective action.

To learn more about how Urjanet empowers energy managers, download our Solutions Sheet for Energy Management and Procurement – and if you’re ready to take the next step in leveraging your utility data, contact us today.

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