Sanjoy Malik Presents at The Wall Street Journal’s ECO:nomics 2014 Conference

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Urjanet was pleased to present at The Wall Street Journal’s ECO:nomics 2014 conference on “The Next Big Thing”. Urjanet’s CEO, Sanjoy Malik, spoke about how big data will change the way organizations can reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Here’s what Sanjoy had to say:

Billion-dollar energy decisions are made on inaccurate and incomplete data. But it’s 2014. Why are some of the largest corporations in the world making big decisions based on bad data? Because getting this data is a daunting task. Why? There are no data standards. Each utility speaks a different language using disparate formats, different types of tariffs, taxes, semantics, rates, and more.

This is where Urjanet comes in. Our vision is that Big Energy Data will change the way the world consumes energy. Our mission is to provide the data that organizations rely on to make smarter, more profitable and eco-friendly energy decisions. Urjanet is to energy what Bloomberg is to financial services.  

One of the many attractive things about our business is Urjanet is rapidly becoming the Big Energy Data standard for leading companies like UPS, Kimberly Clark, Costco, Honda, and many others. Additionally, top energy service and software providers like SAP, Johnson Controls, Siemens, and Dude Solutions rely on Urjanet data to deliver maximum value to their customers. Urjanet’s platform is based on innovative, and proprietary technology developed at Georgia Tech. The platform automatically gathers and processes data from 1000’s of sources, including 900 different utilities, delivering it directly to corporate energy management, accounting, and procurement systems.

I’m excited about the prospect of our business for 3 reasons:

1. Big Problem. This is a problem that’s plagued our industry for decades, and we’ve figured out a way to solve it.

2. Big Market. Urjanet is operating at the intersection of energy and big data – this is a really big market!

3. Innovative Technology. The volume and complexity of energy data requires a very unique solution and we’ve figured out how to do it. Big Energy Data is the foundation of all energy decisions and Urjanet is the only company that delivers it.

For more information about how Urjanet’s Big Energy Data can help your organization, contact us now.

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