An Open Letter to Sustainability Software Providers

Amy Hou  |  March 16, 2018   |  Energy & Sustainability  


Dear Sustainability Software Providers,

We’ve seen you doing some great things out there in your industry. You’re helping your customers reach new heights in sustainability reporting, energy efficiency, and more. But, we think there’s a way to drastically improve your process, and it starts with your data collection.

If you automated your data collection process, you could increase sales and revenue growth, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. To prove it, we’ll give you a solid example:

Your software and services are only as good as the data that powers them. However, as much as you embrace the undeniable value of technology, you might still be relying on a manual or OCR process — or worse, asking your customers to use a manual process.

Manually processing a single utility bill costs anywhere from $6 to $11. Automating your process can save 30 to 50 percent of those costs — helping you to pass on massive savings to your customers.

Moreover, manual processes are time-consuming, lack granularity, and lead to costly errors, delays, and bottlenecks. Believe us when we say: There’s a better way!

Need more proof? Making the switch to automated utility data aggregation saved energy consulting firm EnergyWatch 105 hours a month. That’s 105 more hours that they can now spend on making strategic analyses and recommendations.

As Andy Anderson, Partner and Managing Director at EnergyWatch, put it: “Because of Urjanet, we are able to take on any clients we think there’s an opportunity with. We can flip a switch with Urjanet and our analysts get the data historically and on an ongoing basis, and we are able to evaluate information that just wasn’t possible with an OCR solution.”

“Because of Urjanet, we are able to take on any clients we think there’s an opportunity with.”

Sustainability software providers are long overdue for a step forward into the digital age. Let’s get together and solve this missing link in your process, so you and your customers can both be better off.

Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in exploring a partnership with us.


The Urjanet Team

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