Testimonial: Lucid Evolves Product Offering To Better Meet Needs of Customers with Urjanet

“We really wanted to align ourselves with a group that had the same mindset when it came to customer experience. When it came to data quality. When it came to really looking at how we could partner to scale each other's businesses. That was factor one, and we definitely found that with the Urjanet team.” – Nate Nilles, VP of Business Development at Lucid

For more than a decade, software company Lucid has strived to simplify building management. Lucid’s most recent product, BuildingOS, accomplishes this goal by providing a universal data platform that centralizes complex data from across the entire building to enable more informed decision-making. Ultimately, Lucid aims to bring every commercial building online, including all 5,000,000 commercial buildings in the United States as well as buildings internationally. To date, Lucid has brought 10,000 buildings online (on average, customers manage 50 to 200 buildings) and its customers span universities, cities, government bodies, enterprises and real estate companies.