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From Proposal to Contract: A Guide to Winning Energy & Sustainability Software RFPs

In years past, the energy and sustainability industry was a fledging player. But in recent years, the industry has been marked with incredible growth and visibility. In fact, energy ranked as the fastest growing industry on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list, boasting a 227.4 percent aggregate growth rate. And with this booming growth, industry leaders continue to rapidly offer more intelligent and sophisticated software and services as demands grow for better solutions from end users.

One definitive hallmark of this expansion has been the increase in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from businesses and government entities interested in contracting with companies in the energy and sustainability industry. While RFPs often make the procurement processes easier for issuing organizations, it completely disrupts business as usual for energy and sustainability software companies that need to be strategic in responding to RFPs in order to win new business. In this guide, we’ll take you from the beginning stages of responding to a RFP to the tips and tricks you need to craft a winning proposal every time.


  • Introducing RFPs to the Energy & Sustainability Industry
  • Inside the Rise of RFPs in the Energy & Sustainability Industry
  • The Low Down on RFPs
    • What is a RFP?
    • What do they look like in the energy and sustainability software space?
    • What are common components of energy and sustainability software RFPs?
  • Behind the Request: Who Issues the RFPs and Why
    • What types of companies issue energy and sustainability software RFPs?
    • Why do these companies issue RFPs?
    • What do these companies want to see from providers that submit proposals?
  • How to Turn RFPs Into New Business
    • Why should you respond to RFPs?
    • How should you determine which RFPs warrant a response?
    • What can you do to maximize your chances of winning?
  • Start Mastering and Winning New Business


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