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Industry-leading access to electric utility data

The Urjanet Utility Data Platform aggregates electric bill data and interval data from nearly 2,000 providers worldwide into one standardized, easy-to-use format.

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Companies innovating with Urjanet Utility Data

Urjanet creates a single source of truth for Lucid’s customers.

With utility bill data from Urjanet, Lucid can tie energy usage metrics to a dollar value, enabling customers to make better business decisions.

“Our customers may care about 500 kWh missing, but what they really care about is dollars. Time, consumption, back to dollars spent: I think that makes the story.”
Nate Nilles, VP of Business Development Lucid

Cox Enterprises relies on Urjanet to reduce energy spend.

Urjanet’s automated data feed gives Cox fast, reliable visibility into energy consumption and pricing for more than 40,000 separate accounts.

“Right off the bat, we found $4,000 in rate savings by moving a handful of accounts to an alternate rate. Now extend that kind of scrutiny across all utilities, and you are looking at substantial cost savings potential.”
Robert Fairey, Sr. Director of Energy Procurement Cox Enterprises

Urjanet frees EnergyWatch from the grind of manual energy data processing.

Partnering with Urjanet frees up 105 hours a month for EnergyWatch analysts to spend on strategic, higher level analysis.

“What really sold me on Urjanet’s data solution are its accuracy, speed, and completeness. It captures all line items on an invoice, not just the total energy consumption and cost.”
Andy Anderson, Partner and Managing Director EnergyWatch

Providers we work with

Here’s a handful of the electricity providers we work with.


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Electric bill data can be used for a variety of applications from bill management to identity verification. For more information on how to leverage electric data speak with a product expert or visit our solutions page.

  • Utility Bill Data – Our team will work with you to ensure all relevant data points are captured from your or your customer’s utility bills. From billing or service address to amount due, we’ll help you get the data you need in the format you need it.
  • Interval Data – The electric data is captured by a digital or smart meter in either 15-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute increments over a 24 hour period. These increments of data are available next day and help customers quickly identify ebbs and flows in electricity consumption on a more granular level. Click here to learn more about interval data.

Urjanet identifies and captures ongoing electric bill data as soon as it is made available from the utility. Historic bill data is delivered within minutes of connecting a utility.

We have nearly 2,000 electric utilities around the globe on our network and are continually adding new supported connections. Search supported utility providers here.

Click here to let us know and we’ll work to build one free of charge.


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