waste utility data

Waste & Recycling Data

Get digital access to waste hauler invoices

The Urjanet Utility Data Platform automatically collects waste hauler invoices from more than 3,000 haulers worldwide – delivered in one standardized, easy-to-use format.

Waste Utility Data

Industry leaders in waste expense management use Urjanet


Waste haulers we work with

Here’s a handful of the 3,000 waste haulers Urjanet has integrated with to provide automated access to waste hauler invoices and invoice data. If we're missing a hauler you need, we'll build the integration free of charge.


The data you need, when you need it

Urjanet captures waste hauler invoices as soon as they're available from the hauler's website. With fast and accurate data delivery from Urjanet, you can reduce late fees, minimize human intervention, and streamline sustainability reporting.

Utility Bill Management

Streamline utility bill processing with Urjanet’s automated solution to avoid late fees and reduce billing errors.



Propel your waste diversion and sustainability programs to success with accurate metrics and data-driven reporting.


Data from waste hauler invoices, both liquid and solid, is used for utility expense management, bill payment, contract negotiations, sustainability reporting, and more.

We can work with your team to provide any relevant data points from waste hauler invoices, but the most commonly requested data points include billing or service address and amount due.

Urjanet identifies and captures ongoing bill data as soon as it is made available from the utility.

We have more than 3,000 waste and recycling haulers around the world on our network and are always adding more. Click here to see if your utility is covered.

Click here to let us know, and we’ll work to build a connection free of charge.


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