Webinar: Understanding ID Verification in a Digital World

Amy Hou  |  January 2, 2018   |  ID Verification  


Is your business prepared to stay one step ahead of evolving fraud tactics? With more than 4.2 billion data records stolen in 2016, it’s time for businesses to become vigilant in staying up to date with techniques to combat identity theft. Join Matt Kuo, Urjanet’s VP of Product, and Kevin King, Director of Product Marketing at ID Analytics in our latest webinar to learn about:

  • How evolving fraud tactics have incited an intense battle for secure digital identity verification
  • The effectiveness of new ID verification methods in a digitally-driven landscape
  • Big bets now and in the future that aim to end the battle of fraud once and for all

Click here to view the Webinar Recap: Secure ID Verification in a Digital World.

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