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We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with EnergyPrint to make energy management easier through automated acquisition of big energy data sets. The EnergyPrint platform — which provides data management and measurement services to energy service providers nationally — will now be further fueled by our Big Energy Data to more quickly analyze energy cost, consumption, and carbon trends.

“At EnergyPrint, we understand the value of gathering quality data from energy and water utilities because we do it every single day,” said Priscilla Koeckeritz, EnergyPrint’s President & CEO.

“Partnering with Urjanet allows us to complement our team’s unique capability while further developing our services to transform accurate and validated data into relevant and useful insights, giving our customers visibility to find, track and prove their energy and cost efficiency projects.”

EnergyPrint’s existing database can now access our Utility Data services that automate the collection, normalization and delivery of data from more than 900 utility providers – and the list of utility integrations is growing rapidly. Instead of relying fully on data entry specialists to manually input data from paper utility bills, the Utility Data platform aggregates data wherever it can be automated and delivers it to EnergyPrint’s database — speeding access to developing insights for their customers data integration and dashboard solutions. Using this automated energy data helps EnergyPrint provide visibility into building performance to show building owners, property managers, contractors, and performance engineers the opportunities to cut energy costs and improve building performance.

“Energy, sustainability and accounting professionals increasingly realize that acquiring good data is the first step to understanding, managing and implementing efforts to reduce energy consumption and cost,” said Urjane CEO and founder, Sanjoy Malik. “We’re excited to partner with EnergyPrint to deliver the high-quality, automated energy data their solutions rely on to help their customers identify energy savings and efficiency improvements.”

For more information about how your business can partner with Urjanet for energy data, contact us today.

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