EnergyPrint Drives Operational Scalability Using Urjanet

EnergyPrint Drives Operational Scalability Using Urjanet

EnergyPrint uses energy utility data to generate business insight across buildings and portfolios. This Minnesota-based corporation gathers, inputs, and validates data from utilities—providing an administrative solution that reduces time and expense for building owners and professionals. EnergyPrint integrates its services and application into its customers’ businesses, powering solutions to help find, track & prove energy savings projects in commercial buildings nationally.

Since its founding in 2009, EnergyPrint has made utility data collection and validation part of its core offering in order to reduce administrative and engineering expense for its clients. 

Managing over 7,000 utility accounts and adding new accounts each day, EnergyPrint found that it was devoting an increasing portion of its resources to manually collecting and validating utility bill data. Therefore, EnergyPrint could not spend as much time on energy savings analysis for its clients. With more and more clients referring business to EnergyPrint, EnergyPrint’s growing volume was making it challenging for the company to perform its comprehensive manual audit on all utility invoice data. In order maintain its high level of service for more clients and buildings, EnergyPrint decided to reach out to Urjanet to eliminate the manual data entry process.  

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