Urjanet Launches Utility Data for Solar to Empower Solar Adoption

Amy Hou  |  April 30, 2018   |  Energy & Sustainability  


In the last decade alone, the solar industry has grown at an average rate of 59 percent. But while consumer interest in solar energy has never been higher, actual solar adoption has been hampered by a lack of access to historical energy cost and consumption data on a national scale.

On top of the difficulty in accessing this data, the industry is also facing several other obstacles. The first is high and growing customer acquisition costs. According to GTM Research, customer acquisition now makes up a disproportionate 17 percent of the average total system cost.

Recent legislation from the Trump administration has also posed new challenges. On January 23rd of this year, President Trump signed into law a steep 30 percent tariff on imported solar panels — a move which the solar industry predicts would “lead to thousands of layoffs and raise consumer prices.”

In response to growing industry challenges and market demands from retail and commercial consumers, Urjanet has announced the launch of its latest product, Utility Data for Solar. The Data-as-a-Service solution provides on-demand access to residential and commercial energy consumption, cost, and location data from more than 900 utilities in over 26 countries. With the launch of this new service, solar installers, marketplaces, financiers, and software providers can leverage new tools to drive progress toward a cleaner energy future.

By providing access to automated, on-demand historical and monthly energy cost and consumption data, Utility Data for Solar will enable these providers to:

  • Lower customer acquisition costs and prioritize the right leads
  • Streamline and enhance the customer experience
  • Build tailored and accurate proposals that customers can trust

“At our very core, supporting a clean energy economy with innovative products has always been Urjanet’s goal,” said Sanjoy Malik, CEO at Urjanet. “With Utility Data for Solar, we believe we’re aiding in advancing renewable energy agendas across residential and commercial sectors with tools to streamline the process from assessment to sale,” he said.

To learn more about Urjanet’s latest product announcement, check out our full press release or click here to learn more about Utility Data for Solar.

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