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Accelerate solar system sales with Urjanet Utility Data for Solar with on-demand access to residential and commercial electricity usage, cost and location data from more than 750 electric utilities in over 15 countries.

Accelerate solar system sales with streamlined access to utility data.

Urjanet Utility Data for Solar is a data-as-a-service solution that provides automated, on-demand access to monthly residential and commercial energy usage, cost and location data to help solar software providers, installers, brokers, and marketplaces accelerate solar system sales. Because the data is customer permissioned and delivered data directly from the electric utility's customer portal, solar providers can prioritize leads more efficiently, streamline their customer experience, and produce accurate proposals and ROI projections that customers can trust. By offering comprehensive energy cost and consumption data from over 750 utilities, Utility Data for Solar brings an automated, streamlined process to solar markets worldwide.

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Grow your business

Reduce solar system customer acquisition costs and accelerate sales cycles using customer permissioned data delivered directly from the electric utility. On-demand access to historical electric data allows you to respond to interest quickly, and save on-site visits for your most qualified leads.

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Streamline the user experience

Simplify the bill aggregation process for your prospects and eliminate friction in the sales cycle. With Urjanet, your customers simply provide their utility credentials within your user experience and receive a quote in return from you, creating a streamlined user experience and reducing the likelihood of prospect drop-off or website abandonment.

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Create trusted proposals

Base your proposals on actual historical usage and cost data, not inaccurate estimates. Your customers will have confidence in the accuracy of your solar system installation proposal and payback forecast with monthly consumption and cost sourced directly from the electric utility.

Discover the Value of Utility Data for Solar With Urjanet

Our scalable platform provides you with a more organized and streamlined process for obtaining accurate historical utility data for solar.



Urjanet Utility Data for Solar pulls data directly from the source, so you can base price quotes and ROI projections on actuals, not estimates. Customers can be confident in the accuracy of proposals with consumption and cost data accessed directly from their electric provider.



Urjanet’s platform automatically captures and delivers bill data and original bill images, eliminating the need for manual downloads and uploads of bills. Simplifying and automating the bill collection process for your prospects eliminates friction in the sales cycle.

On Demand

On Demand

On-demand access to utility data through our API allows you to save on-site visits for your most qualified leads. Data is returned to you within minutes, enabling your business to rapidly respond to leads and keep prospects engaged.



Our API enables you to easily integrate our capabilities directly into your application, creating a seamless user experience for customers and reducing the chance of prospect drop-off and website abandonment. Streamline the process of acquiring utility bills for immediate impact in pre- and post-sales operations.



With 750 electric utilities in over 15 countries, Urjanet has the largest global network of utility integrations for solar, empowering your business to reach more customers in more markets. We’re constantly adding new utility connections, with approximately 50-100 new utilities added to our network every month.

Innovative Companies Trust Urjanet

"Renewable energy projects like solar are a key component of the Cox Conserves program, helping us offset more than 102,360 tons of carbon since 2007. Urjanet Utility Data has been a critical tool to pinpoint the highest priority sites for installation and to see the impact of our investments year over year."

Keith Mask, VP of Environmental Sustainability, Cox Enterprises
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Utility Data Delivered on Demand

tailored utility data

Our API enables you to easily integrate electric data directly into your application, providing a seamless user experience for customers and optimizing your installation quotes and ROI calculations. Data can also be delivered directly to many popular industry applications through pre-built, standard adapters, or Urjanet can configure and customize data delivery formats for easy integration into other software applications.

Integrations include:

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