How to Know if Your Utility Data Collection Process is Outdated

Urjanet Inc  |  September 18, 2014   |  Energy & Sustainability  


This article is an excerpt of the infographic: 7 Ways to Know If Your Utility Data Collection is Outdated

Utility data contains an abundance of useful information for energy management, sustainability initiatives, and more. But too often, it’s collected inefficiently, and valuable details fall through the cracks. An outdated utility data collection process creates a number of issues that Urjanet’s Utility Data Platform can help solve. Think you might be falling behind the times? Here are seven common signs:

You’re not confident in the quality of your data.

Are you relying on vague estimates of energy or water consumption? Are you seeing inconsistencies in your data? Don’t just ignore the problem — fully automated technology can save you time and get rid of errors. Continuing to manually enter data or rely on OCR technology is like using a telephone book to search for information when the Internet is right in front of you.

Your data isn’t detailed enough to meet your needs.

Feeling like you’re flying blind with all the information you’re missing? A standard utility bill can contain over 100 data points, including usage, taxes, tariffs, charges, and more, but manual entry often fails to capture all of this information efficiently. Our automated platform provides every data point on a utility bill to give you a 360° view of your data, including the original bill image.  

You’re constantly waiting on other people.

Tired of chasing down invoices from Facilities and Accounting departments? Still waiting on paper bills to arrive in the mail? Stop living in the Stone Age. Urjanet’s Utility Data Platform identifies and captures bills as soon as they are available from the utility, and delivers them electronically to you.

You’re spending more time manipulating your data than you are analyzing it.

The utility industry is hopelessly fragmented. Every utility has a unique format and schedule for its bills, making it excessively difficult to compare between different providers. But the good news is: Urjanet’s platform standardizes data across providers and adjusts it to meet your customized requirements.

You’re struggling to create simple reports that reflect your organization’s consumption and costs.

Energy and sustainability reporting isn’t destined to be overly complicated. Urjanet integrates with free tools like ENERGY STAR Portfolio ManagerⓇ and some of the industry’s most widely used software applications to get you the visualizations and reports you need.

You’re coming up short in understanding the data points on your bills.

Unsure how to categorize a ratchet demand charge or environmental surcharge? Could you benefit from a partner by your side to help you gain more insight? Urjanet’s subject matter experts have years of knowledge in the utility industry. We can help you navigate the nuances of various providers and get you up to speed on data management best practices.  

You’re too in the weeds to focus on the big picture.

If your day-to-day is consumed with data management, you’re losing valuable time that could be spent on forward-thinking strategy. Let us worry about the nitty gritty of utility data collection — you should be thinking about bigger and brighter things for the future of your business.

Ready to take utility data collection into the 21st century? Contact us today.

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