6 Sustainability Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Amy Hou  |  March 28, 2019   |  Energy & Sustainability  


If you’re running a corporate sustainability program, you know you need to walk the walk with quantified targets – and progress against those targets. The question is: are you tracking the right sustainability metrics, and more importantly, do you have the tools you need to trust the results? Let’s start with the metrics themselves.

6 Foundational Sustainability Metrics

Once you have these sustainability metrics in order, the next step is to visualize them. It’s one thing to have a spreadsheet for internal tracking or facility management, but translating these numbers into a format that your executives and stakeholders can understand is another story. That’s where dashboards come in.

Putting together a dashboard can be daunting, so we sat down with members of the UL EHS Sustainability team to break down where to start and how to customize each dashboard for a specific purpose and audience. You can check out what they shared here.


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Accessing the Data You Need

If you haven’t started tracking all of these sustainability metrics yet, don’t feel too bad: you’re not alone. Investors see consistent gaps in ESG reporting, lamenting that most companies still use “generic boilerplate language or tailored narrative, rather than robust quantitative performance indicators, such as metrics on energy intensity or water consumption.”

It might not necessarily be a lack of effort on your part; many sustainability professionals simply struggle to get access to the data they need. Even the basics of energy and water usage are nearly impossible to monitor across tens or hundreds of facilities, without a streamlined source of data.

But there’s a reason many have been able to do it: they’ve found reliable data management partners. Urjanet’s automated utility data platform provides a powerful foundation for quantified, granular sustainability reporting, especially when combined with a dashboard or software system.

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