Integrated Software Applications

Urjanet powers leading software applications with automated utility data

The Urjanet Utility Data Platform seamlessly integrates with industry-leading software applications to provide an end-to-end data solution. Complete your software solutions with automated utility data entry and delivery.

Fuel best-in-class software with best-in-class data

Whether you’re trying to drive energy efficiency, achieve cost savings, or reduce your carbon footprint, Urjanet makes it easy to incorporate data directly from utilities into energy management and sustainability programs. Leading software and service providers like Schneider Electric, thinkstep, and EnergyCAP rely on Urjanet to automate utility data into their solutions. Get the most out of tools like ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®, UL EHSS PURE Sustainability, and Enablon with trusted, audited data from Urjanet.

Leading energy and sustainability solutions powered by Urjanet


Streamline bill payments and avoid late fees with automated utility bill management. Urjanet’s automated data feed delivers data straight to you as soon as it’s available from the utility, so you never again need to chase down invoices to get the information you need. Feed your utility bills directly into accounts payable applications and watch as your payment process become effortless.

Leading finance and accounting solutions powered by Urjanet


Optimize efficiency in invoice processing and tenant billing with Urjanet. Access granular data for common areas and vacant units in less time and with more detail. Leading real estate and property management applications like Yardi, RealPage, and Altisource rely on Urjanet to automate utility data collection.

Leading real estate and property management solutions powered by Urjanet


Visualize and track key utility metrics alongside other vital internal business data. Build custom dashboard views in tools like Tableau or Domo with automatically imported utility data from Urjanet.

Leading business intelligence and data analytics solutions powered by Urjanet


Have an in-house system? We’ll build a custom integration to support your business processes.

Power your business solutions with direct access to utility data

energy management utility data

Energy Management

Conduct granular energy analysis in less time and with more detail to drive energy efficiency and savings.

Alternative Credit Scoring

Drive faster, more accurate lending decisions and reduce decline traffic with on-demand access to utility bill payment history.

Sustainability Reporting

Propel your sustainability programs to success with accurate metrics and data-driven reporting.

Identity Verification

Access third-party verified, user-permissioned utility bill data to rapidly validate identity and address.

Utility Bill Management

Streamline utility bill processing with automated bill delivery to avoid late fees and reduce billing errors.

Solar Sales

Accelerate solar sales and create trusted proposals with automated access to electric cost and consumption data.

Energy Procurement

Make faster, more reliable energy procurement decisions with enhanced visibility into historical consumption and cost.