Workiva Announces Partnership with Urjanet to Automate Big Energy Data Collection for Wdesk Customers

Urjanet Inc  |  September 10, 2014   |  Energy & Sustainability  


Workiva, which has pioneered a cloud-based and mobile-enabled platform for enterprises to collaboratively compile, report and analyze critical business data in real-time, today announced a strategic partnership with Urjanet, the world’s first provider of automated big energy data, during its annual users conference.

This partnership will allow Workiva customers who use its Wdesk product platform to directly tap into Urjanet’s energy data, collected from more than 1,000 utilities.

“Embedding Urjanet data in Wdesk will allow our customers to streamline the collection and management of utility data inside Wdesk’s single-source, linked platform,” said Matt Rizai, Workiva Chief Executive Officer. With Wdesk, users will be able to integrate and control all of their energy data, regardless of format or location. Live-linking technology keeps the data constantly updated, which helps companies monitor performance, reduce utility costs and minimize carbon footprint.

“Wdesk gives executives the power to make energy-use decisions based on real-time data and helps the sustainability office bring more value to the CFO,” added Rizai.

“As sustainability becomes an integral component of organizations’ business strategies, the demand for automated, high-quality energy data is increasing across many departments, including accounting, finance, procurement, operations and sustainability,” said Sanjoy Malik, Urjanet Chief Executive Officer. Urjanet collects, organizes and delivers accurate energy data in an easily consumable package.

“Cost savings achieved through improvements in energy management are driving firms to invest in software,” said Yaowen Ma, a sustainability analyst with Verdantix. “Coordinating an energy and sustainability management reporting program requires enterprise-wide data held in a single system of record that permits timely analysis to manage risks and opportunities in a proactive manner.”

“Good data is the foundation of all sustainability initiatives, and Urjanet is excited to partner with Workiva to deliver the big energy data their customers need to make smarter, more profitable and eco-friendly energy decisions,” said Malik.

This partnership was announced during Workiva’s third annual user conference, The Exchange Community (TEC), which began on Monday evening, September 8, and runs through tomorrow in Orlando. This event draws more than 1,100 Wdesk users who share best practices for managing, reporting and analyzing complex business data.

Workiva, formerly WebFilings, has pioneered a cloud-based and mobile-enabled platform for enterprises to collaboratively compile, report, and analyze critical business data in real time. The company’s secure product platform, Wdesk, is used by more than 2,100 corporate customers including more than 60% of the Fortune 500. Wdesk allows users to integrate and control all of their business data, regardless of the format or location, with innovative live-linking technology. This enables users to dynamically define their business processes, optimize workflows, and gain insights based on their trusted data, which supports better real-time decision-making. Workiva employs more than 900 people with offices in 15 cities. The company is headquartered in Ames, Iowa. For more information, visit

Urjanet is the world’s first provider of automated Big Energy Data that enables organizations across all industries to make smarter, more profitable, and eco-friendly energy decisions. The company’s award-winning subscription data products help companies and governments improve financial performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Urjanet’s proprietary technology seamlessly automates the collection, normalization, and delivery of disparate data from more than 1,000 utility providers across North America. For more information, visit

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