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One of the most exciting aspects of my job is the great collaboration I have each day with software and services firms trying to solve the problem of utility data acquisition for their customers.

Solving the complexity of utility data acquisition is our sweet spot and one reason Urjanet is establishing partnerships with many of the leading software and services providers in the world. We recently had a great turnout of potential partners for a webinar focused on Urjanet’s solution, and here’s a quick overview:

Urjanet Is an Energy Data-as-a-Service

We automate the collection and delivery of energy data across the enterprise. Our technology captures utility billing, interval, weather, and operational data, puts it in a standardized format, and delivers it through a cloud-based subscription model.

Better Data = Better Solutions

Urjanet can make your customers more successful with accurate, complete & timely data. We solve the pain points around data capture and aggregation so users can focus on analysis and strategy.

100% Focus on Energy Data

We don’t compete with software and services firms. Independent analyst firm Verdantix recommends that software and business analytics firms invest in robust data capture methods to ensure their customers make business decisions based on accurate data. And that’s exactly what we do!

You can also view the entire webinar here. D.j. Amis, our resident energy guru and director of product management, also talks in detail about three key energy data challenges: utility bill data, advanced metering data, and weather data.

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Urjanet, the global leader in utility data aggregation, simplifies how organizations access and use utility data, enabling them to focus on their business. Our technology collects, processes, and delivers data from over 6,500 electric, natural gas, water, waste, telecom, and cable utilities worldwide.

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