Urjanet: Friend or Foe?

Urjanet Inc  |  September 21, 2015   |  Energy & Sustainability  


Oftentimes we hear from energy and sustainability solutions providers that they initially viewed Urjanet as a competitor. The good news is that assumption could not be more false. Over 50% of the leading energy and sustainability solutions providers around the world rely on Urjanet utility data to power their applications and processes.

The distinction lies in our company mission. We don’t provide analytics, dashboards or consulting; we’re a data-only company.  We’re focused on making the world’s utility data easily accessible and usable. We specialize in the acquisition, normalization, and delivery of utility bill and interval data. Our cloud-based energy data platform automates the collection of disparate data from an expansive network of utility connections around the world and converts it into a standardized format so it can be easily imported into any software program, ready to be analyzed. Urjanet is often referred to as the “plumbers” of utility data — a true (however odd sounding) comparison to describe the business we are in. Our expertise lies in building the “pipes,” or integrations, with thousands of utility providers around the world so that the data can easily flow through our technology and into yours.

At this point, energy and sustainability solutions and software providers pick up where we leave off with the data. They provide the tools and services enabling reporting, analysis, measurement, and action. A growing list of solutions providers in the sustainability reporting, energy management, and utility bill payment space rely on Urjanet’s automated data feed to cut out all of the labor that was previously required to get the data into their software platforms, making their lives and their customers’ lives easier.

The relationship is in fact not competitive by any means, but rather complementary.

If we don’t compete with energy and sustainability solutions providers, who are our competitors? We don’t have traditional competitors, but we do compete with the “status quo” or the old method of collecting data, which typically involves manual entry, workarounds and homegrown processes.  While laggards cling to the inefficient yet familiar “status quo,” a new group with greater vision and wisdom have embraced technology and innovation to make the leap from laggard to leader – and have dramatically improved operational efficiencies, revenue and margins.

There will probably always be companies that, when presented with the option of automating delivery of utility bill data, think it might be “too much work” in the beginning to take on a new project. Our words to the laggards: don’t let your business be bogged down by process inefficiencies and inability to scale. Think strategically, plan for the long-term ahead, and keep building your solution to be the most innovative out there.

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