Data Gathering & Processing Drives Big Energy Data

Urjanet Inc  |  July 30, 2013   |  Energy & Sustainability  


A recent Verdantix webinar, How the Era of Big Data Is Transforming Energy Management, outlined the opportunities and challenges of the “data-centric” practice of energy management.

The independent analyst firm identified the evolution of data gathering and processing technology as a key driver in the growth of big energy data. We’re excited that Urjanet was mentioned during the webinar in the “Data Service Providers” category, and for the work we do with Cox Enterprises, because we help solve this key part of the big energy data puzzle.

At Urjanet we live and breathe energy data. Collecting and delivering utility billing, interval and weather data is our specialty and only focus. Many organizations we talk with want to improve their decision making with data visualization, analytics, and data mining, but must first solve their data management challenges.

Their current data management processes are often seen as a barrier to reaching their energy management goals. Urjanet’s platform not only replaces manual data entry, but includes other benefits:

  • Better accuracy by eliminating manual data entry errors
  • Timely delivery of data once data is available from the utilities or other data sources (weather, operational data, etc.)
  • Complete data from utility bills (not just a few data points)
  • Standardization across all utility providers

This goes a long way in helping clients focus on strategic energy management projects instead of data management.

Our platform also helps clients go beyond utility billing data. A growing number of clients want to capture interval, weather and industry-specific data. This helps them understand how things like operating hours, equipment consumption, store traffic, etc., affect energy trends across the enterprise.

Verdantix is exactly right when they say that organizations are overwhelmed by the “volume, velocity and variety” of data today. Effectively managing it requires a combination of great technology and operational expertise.

To learn how Urjanet’s Utility Data Platform empowers energy managers, take a look at our Solutions Sheet for Energy Management and Procurement. And if you’re ready to take the next step in leveraging your business’s utility data, contact us today.

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