Increase the value of your software with automated utility data.

You might not be feeling the pain of gathering all that utility data and entering it into your software, but your customers surely are. Make a commitment to put your customers first with our award-winning automated data products.

Automatically connect to the utility data you need to power your solutions.

Your ability to help clients with energy and sustainability needs is directly tied to the ease of input of the data that goes into your software. Remove the burden of manual data entry from your customers and use Urjanet to receive an automated utility data feed that collects, normalizes, and delivers data directly into your applications.

Attract new customers.

Integrating automated utility data into your energy management and sustainability software solutions streamlines your enrollment process and increases your software’s value proposition. Customers currently entering data manually will be thrilled to switch to an all-in-one solution that includes data, so they no longer have to handle it internally.

Differentiate your offerings from the crowded field of competitors.

The energy management and sustainability software space is becoming increasingly crowded, with new entrants coming on the scene constantly. Truly stand out from the crowd by offering automated utility data as a value-add. If you don’t, someone else will – don’t get left behind.

Enter a true partnership with common goals and shared successes.

Partnership with Urjanet is much more than a written contract and deliverables. We take partnership very seriously and do everything in our power to help our partners succeed with utility data management. When you win, we win. We also offer co-marketing initiatives to help get the word out about your solution in a cost-effective way.

Industry leaders rely on Urjanet.

More and more sustainability and energy management software companies are making the switch to Urjanet. Join the growing list of industry leaders who rely on Urjanet – the only global source for automated utility data.

“Urjanet is our greatest innovation this year.”
-Mark Raisor, COO, EnterScape

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“thinkstep is very pleased to partner with Urjanet, the leading brand for utility data.” – Laurent Lebarq, Director of Strategic Partnerships, thinkstep

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“Now our customers spend less time finding problems and more time implementing solutions.” – Peter Widmer, VP of Business Development and Marketing, Power TakeOff

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“Urjanet’s global data platform is well-suited for the international corporations we support.” – Efrain Quiros, VP Partnerships & Operations at CR360

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Learn how Urjanet can add value to your software solutions.

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