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Comic: Mission: Impossi-BILL!

EVL Corp has locked away precious data - will Utility Bill be able to rescue it?

Comic: Utility Bill and the North Pole Panic!

Santa's failure to pay his workshop's utility bills on time is causing chaos at the North Pole! Can Utility Bill save the day?

Testimonial: eSight Energy Expands and Matures US Operations with Urjanet

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Learn why eSight considers Urjanet to be a valued partner for utility bill and interval data aggregation and delivery into its energy management software.

Case Study: Goby Turns Big Data into Big Opportunities


Learn why Goby chose Urjanet to automate its utility data aggregation to scale its service and provide more value to its customers.

Urjanet Overview Video

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Watch to learn how Urjanet can help your organization improve its utility data management.

Solutions Sheet: Urjanet and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager


Urjanet partners with ENERGY STAR to deliver utility bill data directly into Portfolio Manager.

Case Study: eSight Energy Expands and Matures US Operations with Urjanet


Learn how Urjanet was key to helping eSight Energy expand their services relying on utility bill and interval data.

SPARK16 Highlight Video


Highlights from the leading energy, sustainability, and big data conference held in Sept. 2016. To learn more, visit urjanetspark.com.

Product Guide: Utility Data Service


Our in-depth Product Guide shares how our award-winning solution works.

Video: Happy April Fool’s Day 2017

Introducing Urjanet DOES: the revolutionary, new Data On Everything Service

Infographic: 7 Ways Quality Data Benefits Corporate Sustainability Programs

Corporate sustainability programs have fast-tracked their way into the mainstream with the help of the proper tools, technology, and data necessary to [...]

Infographic: 7 Shortcomings of Manually Entering Utility Bill Data

Manually collecting and entering utility bill data poses seven critical limitations; fortunately, all seven can [...]

Product Sheet: Urjanet Utility Data Service

Read this product sheet for a brief overview of Utility Data Service.

eBook: Building Energy Benchmarking & Transparency Laws

Learn how to comply with these laws and three additional ways to go above and beyond simply benchmarking.

Urjanet April Fool’s 2016: Less Data More Bills

We've heard of companies pivoting, but not like this. Enjoy Urjanet's 2016 April Fool's spoof video featuring Michael Pridemore, VP of Product [...]

Video: How to Access Utility Data

Do you need to collect utility bill and interval data? Here are some tips and best practices on the many ways to access utility data.

Video: Why Improving Utility Bill Management Matters

Michael Scelzi, CEO of the Energy Control Company (ECC), shares utility bill management insights and best practices.

Utility Bill Comic: Utility Bill Saves Gizmo Land!

Utility Bill & his new pal Sustainabill help Gizmo Land clean up its act and become more sustainable!

Testimonial: Ecova Achieves Greater Operational Efficiency and Expands Global Reach

Marty Sieh, Chief Facility Operations Officer at Ecova, shares his experience with integrating Urjanet’s Utility [...]

Testimonial: Altisource Speeds Up Invoice Processing and Payments

Geoffrey Parks, Operations Manager at Altisource, shares his experience with integrating [..]

Testimonial: EnterScape Drives New Business

Mark Raisor, COO, EnterScape, shares his experience with integrating Urjanet's Utility Data Service [...]

Video: SPARK Insights with Mark Raisor, COO, EnterScape

Energy and Sustainability thought leaders share their insights at Urjanet's SPARK15 Conference.

Webinar Replay: What Happens When Good Energy Data Goes Bad?

What causes good energy data to go bad? Why does bad data lead to missed opportunities?

Webinar Replay: Energy Data: The New Profit Lever

Learn why obtaining timely, high quality energy data is the must-have first step to not only cut costs, but also reduce your company's [...]

Webinar Replay: Energy Management’s Hottest Couple

Watch to learn how to optimize energy performance & costs by combining utility bill & interval data.

Case Study: EnergyPrint Drives Operational Scalability Using Urjanet

As a result of its operational improvements, EnergyPrint can address the needs of more clients [...]

Webinar Replay: The New Consumers of Utility Data

We discuss the need for energy data across multiple departments within the enterprise.

Webinar Replay: Reduce Building Operating Costs with Energy Data

We discuss how to cut operating costs at the building level and across all the facilities within your organization.

Video: Spark ’14 Highlights

SPARK ’14 was a huge success, with the brightest minds in energy convening at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center in Atlanta, GA to discuss trends, best practices, [...]

Infographic: The Evolution of Utility Bill Data

From paper bills to outsourcing to individual e-bills and now automated acquisition, some organizations have [...]

Infographic: How Do You Receive Your Utility Bills?

How is your organization receiving its utility bills? Paper? EDI? Scanned image via email? In this [...]

Utility Bill Comic: The Life & Times of Utility Bill (Part 1)

What does the journey of your utility bills really look like? Go along for the ride with Bill [...]

Utility Bill Comic: The Life & Times of Utility Bill (Part 2)

Follow Bill during the second leg of his adventure as he gets rescued by an Urja-bot during an Urjanet Data Rescue Mission.

Infographic: Considering ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?

If your organization is considering or is using Portfolio Manager for energy benchmarking, Urjanet can [...]

Testimonial: Cox Enterprises Saves 10 – 30% on Energy Spend

Robert Fairey, Sr. Director - Energy Procurement & Waste Diversion at Cox, shares his experience with [...]

Testimonial: Dude Solutions Increases Sales by Streamlining Data Collection for Clients

Bob Bittner, Partnership Development at Dude Solutions, shares his experience with integrating Urjanet’s Utility Data Service [...]

White Paper: Stop Manually Entering Your Utility Bill Data!

Energy is the third-largest budget item for most U.S. companies, representing $1 trillion [...]

Testimonial: Verisae Increases the Value of its Products

Jerry Dolinsky, CEO & President of Verisae, shares his experience with integrating Urjanet’s Utility [...]