Project Description

Product Guide: Urjanet Utility Data Service

Automated collection and delivery of multi-site utility bill data for electricity, natural gas, water, and waste.

Urjanet Utility Data Service provides streamlined data for advanced utility bill data management. Urjanet eliminates the burden of utility data collection and standardization by providing a single, automated data feed directly into any software application of your choosing. Quality data from Urjanet enables your organization to reduce energy consumption and costs, drive sustainability efforts, automate the payment of bills, and avoid late fees.

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  • The Utility Data Challenge
  • Our Solution: Utility Data Service (UDS)
    • Collection
      • History
    • Processing
      • Summary or Consolidated Bills
      • Meter-Level or Point-of-Delivery Detail
      • Detailed Charge Categorization
      • Adjustment Invoices
      • Dual Provider Billing in Deregulated Markets
      • Measurement Periods
      • Weather Normalization
    • Data Delivery
      • Delivery Formats
      • Original Invoice
      • Application Integration
      • Customizing the Data Feed
      • Delivery Frequency
    • Data Quality
      • Stage I Checks
      • Stage II Checks
    • Security
  • Getting Started
    • Account Enrollment & Credentials
    • Self-Service Capabilities – UDS User Interface & API
Utility Data Service Product Guide

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