Goby Turns Big Data into Big Opportunities

goby testimonial

Goby is an analytics platform for commercial real estate. It captures operational and real estate data from disparate sources and distills that information into visual, actionable reporting and analytics for customers. Goby’s platform currently manages about a billion square feet across more than a hundred key accounts in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, including Loews Hotels, AEW, Brandywine and Liberty Property Trust. Data is the lifeblood of Goby’s business, and that makes having accurate data that users can input efficiently critical to Goby’s success. So when Goby realized that manually entering utility bill data into its platform was not the best use of time, it knew something would need to change.

“We realized early on we had to look for a way to effectively take a utility bill and digitize that information or we would have a barrier to entry for our customers in being able to understand their energy, utility and carbon footprint. If we couldn’t find a way to digitize what was historically a paper bill and automate that process, we couldn’t build a cost effective solution to be able to provide actionable information to our customers,” explains Chris Happ, CEO of Goby.

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