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We’ve built connectors to an expansive network of utilities around the world that enable us to automate the large-scale collection of utility data. First, we use customer-authorized online credentials to access utility accounts. Then, our Urjanet BOTs and crawlers visit every utility site in our network 24/7 to collect any new or updated consumption and bill data.

We can also receive bills via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) from utilities that support this standard. The utility data collected varies widely in content and format. Our platform uses a proprietary Federated Data Processing Model (FDPM) to rationalize the different data elements and ensure that the output is uniform and consistent. We use sophisticated algorithms to perform more than 150 audits, checking for numerical, chronological and semantic accuracy to ensure data quality and correctness.

We’re constantly expanding our global network of utilities by adding more than 100 new utilities per month. If we don’t have connectors to all of your utilities, we’ll add them.
No problem. If a utility doesn’t provide electronic data access to billing information, we can alternately use a scanned image of a paper bill. Data is collected from scanned bills via our proprietary OCR solution, and it’s then processed as described above.
Our global network includes over 3,500 of the world’s largest utilities and we’re adding over 100 new utilities every month. Our current connections represent 85% of the total utility accounts in North America.

Yes. We can provide “5-15-30” minute interval data from meters that are deployed by utilities. Our innovative utility data platform automatically collects interval data directly from the utilities, and provides it on a “day-behind” basis.

Our meter data service is a cost-effective way to access detailed demand-side data without installing sub-meters at your facilities.

Our data is delivered via Secure FTP in standard SQL format. The initial delivery automatically creates the required schema and tables in the target DBMS, and every subsequent delivery adds only the incremental changes to these tables.

We support the most popular DBMS’s, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.
Delivering data in a SQL format provides you with the maximum flexibility of use. Out-of-the-box the data can be easily imported into and works with industry standard applications and tools. The SQL format also makes it easy to “merge” and “mix-in” other external information like Addresses, Site Ids, Sq. Footage, etc. to make this data more relevant and meaningful to a customer’s particular business context.

Yes, we provide historical billing and interval data. How far back we can go is predicated on the policies of the particular utility provider. It varies between three and 36 months, but it’s typically greater than 12 months.
Along with SQL format described above, we also provide standard adapters for many of the most popular applications and systems. These adapters enable us to seamlessly deliver data directly into your applications. Please contact us for a complete list of available adapters. If we don’t have a connector to one of your applications, we’ll add it.
Yes. We are an EnergyStar Portfolio Manager integration partner. We love the free reporting and analytical platform provided by the EPA in an effort to standardize carbon emissions reporting. Read more about our Portfolio Manager integration here.
Yes. We love Green Button’s reliable data format. We collect it from the subset of utilities that currently offer it.
Our data is delivered in a standardized, easy-to-use format that can be directly delivered to your application of choice. We’ve built integrations to many of the popular applications and our development team is constantly building new ones as they are requested by our customers.

Our utility data platform uses sophisticated algorithms to ensure the data is always correct and error free, and then it deploys more than 150 audits that check for numerical, chronological and semantic accuracy. The audits alert us of anomalies in the data, letting our system, and our QA team, make the necessary adjustments to ensure the data meets our high quality and integrity standards.

Additionally, you can investigate specific data line items flagged by alerts. We preserve all the components that make up these total requested amounts in the bill.

We use Amazon Web Service (AWS) because it is a secure, durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits: PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA, and SAS 70 Type II. AWS services and data centers have multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of your data.
We have several methods for acquiring data; the most prevalent is to use online credentials to acquire utility bill data on behalf of a customer. Credentials are provided by our customers and enable us to find and collect bill data from a utility’s website as soon as it is posted.
Typically, the initial account activation process takes 1 – 3 weeks. Subsequent data delivery happens within 1 – 2 days of bills being posted by the utility.

EDI is an electronic communication system that provides standards for exchanging data via electronic means, which dates back to the early 1960’s. In theory, EDI is good, but it was not designed for utility data and its use can vary from utility to utility.

Urjanet is the only data provider offering data products specifically designed for energy and utility data. Our data is always going to be delivered the same regardless of the source. Our technology captures every element on the utility invoice, as well as a digital image of the invoice.

It’s a subscription-based model based on the total number of utility accounts you have for all of your facilities with all your various utility providers. To ensure our price quotes are accurate for your business, we invite you to request a custom quote.
Accounts will be activated and deactivated via our new self-service user interface, which will be available in September 2015. During the interim, we use activation and deactivation forms to add and delete accounts. Our new UI will enable you to easily setup, access, enhance and manage your utility data on the web.
Yes, many of our customers compliment the services provided by their bill payment provider with our data because we offer the broadest utility coverage and richest data available. Additionally, a growing list of our customers use our Urjanet Interval Data service, which provides the interval data that bill payment providers typically can’t access.
Yes, our utility data network now covers major countries in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. Read more about our international expansion here.
We can collect data from any meter that is deployed by your utility. We then collect that data directly from the utility company.
Our Interval Data Service delivers a cost-effective way to access detailed demand-side data without installing sub-meters. We provide access to the interval data that utility companies have available from the smart meters they deployed to their customers. Our solution is designed to avoid the capital expense of submeter costs.

Our primary difference is the fact that we’re a utility data only company. We’re focused on one simple mission: to deliver the automated, high quality utility data organizations rely on to make smarter, more profitable and eco-friendly decisions.

This focus enables us to provide the broadest utility coverage and deliver the most reliable, complete and accurate data available. In fact, a growing list of leading energy management software and service providers rely on Urjanet for the high quality utility data they deliver to their customers. While many energy software and service companies offer dashboards, bill payment services and analytical products, utility data is all we do.

No! But, many of our commercial / industrial customers use our data to power their own internal dashboards, analytics, and reporting systems that their organization already uses or builds around our data.

Also, many of our fantastic partners use our data to power their analytics and reporting software solutions.

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