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It’s Time To Rethink Credit Scoring

It's Time To Rethink Credit Scoring

As the unbanked and underbanked population grows and changes, it’s time to introduce a new approach to credit scoring. Urjanet, with insights from eCredable, has examined the current credit scoring landscape and is making the case for a new perspective on credit scoring. This new perspective presents alternative risk data like utility bill payment history, telecom bill payment history, and rent payment history as enlightening sources of insight into a consumer’s risk profile.


It’s Time to Change How We Think About Credit

The Old Guard: Breaking Down the Traditional FICO Credit Score

– What is the FICO(r) Score?
– What Can Affect a FICO Score?
– Limitations of the FICO Score

Introducing a New Approach: Models for Alternative Credit Scoring

– Various Alternative Credit Scoring Models Ensue
– The Goal of Alternative Credit Scoring Models

Behind the Change: Why It’s Time for a New Credit Score

Untapped Opportunity: The Market Impact of Alternative Credit Scoring

Making Change a Reality: What it Takes to Develop Alternative Credit Scoring Models

– Tapping the Right Alternative Data Points

Bringing Credit Scoring Into the 21st Century


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