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Results at-a-glance

  • Dramatically improved operational efficiencies related to analyzing, reporting, and auditing
  • Enabled EnergyWatch to deliver more comprehensive and accurate results to clients
  • Scaled services without increasing the size of its team
  • Shifted time spent on data collection to data verification and analysis
  • Faster client onboarding process

Company Overview

EnergyWatch is a NYC-based energy consulting firm. One of the first consulting practices in the deregulated energy market in NYC, EnergyWatch helps commercial and corporate real estate portfolios simplify energy reporting, reduce energy expenses, and increase energy income. EnergyWatch manages energy costs, consumption, and income for over 150MM ft2 of Class A and B office space across the nation’s gateway markets.


EnergyWatch tracks, analyzes, and audits electric, gas, water, and sewer invoices for hundreds of clients. The company struggled to access and standardize data from thousands of disparate utilities with diverse tariffs and bill formats. As a result, internal processes were slowed, resources were diverted from high level analysis to data collection, and data sets were often left incomplete.

“The volume and variety of the data we received was creating a combinatorial nightmare. Working with so many different commodity types and companies with an array of billing practices in so many different territories is an extremely difficult task,” said Andy Anderson, Partner and Managing Director of EnergyWatch. The company tried a variety of data acquisition methods, including optical character recognition technology (OCR) and outsourcing manual data entry. After piloting these different products and data capture methods, EnergyWatch still found that its utility data acquisition processes were far from ideal. The company needed more complete, timely, and accurate data to take its services to the next level and better help its clients with energy procurement, invoice management, auditing, reporting, utility budget preparation, and more.


“We really can’t do our best work without the right data,” says Anderson. “Thus, we used to spend large chunks of time on quality assurance for our clients and gathering all the data from paper bills in the mail, scans, and EDI feeds. We were open to a new solution.”

While Anderson was searching for a utility data solution on the Internet one day, he came across Urjanet and found Urjanet’s automated collection, normalization, and delivery of utility bill and interval data unique and intriguing. He decided to reach out.

“What really sold me on Urjanet’s data solution are its accuracy, speed, and completeness. It captures all line items on an invoice, not just the total energy consumption and cost. The data is also sent over within one to two days after the utility posts the information, so there is no need to wait weeks to receive the data on the bills or the physical bills themselves,” recalls Anderson.

Urjanet’s solution now provides EnergyWatch with a utility bill data feed that enables EnergyWatch to more accurately and efficiently analyze, report, and audit energy consumption, costs, and other line items for its clients.


Freed from the grind of manual energy data processing, Urjanet’s solution ushered in a new era of productivity and efficiency for EnergyWatch. EnergyWatch’s team members are no longer burdened with data collection and now have quicker project turnaround times. “Partnering with Urjanet has saved our analysts valuable time so they can now focus more on higher-level tasks and manage more clients in a shorter time frame,” says Anderson. Urjanet’s more streamlined and timely solution has increased EnergyWatch’s productivity, as EnergyWatch’s team members can better track and organize the data they need for their day-to-day tasks. Anderson recounted that his team has shifted approximately 105 hours per month away from data entry and onto more strategic projects.