Report: Breaking Through to Generations with Better Data

generation data

By 2020, millennials will form 50 percent of the global workforce according to PwC. This demographic shift has caused businesses in every industry to redefine their marketing and distribution models to keep up with this generation’s buying behaviors and demands. Millennials, however, aren’t the only demographic disrupting traditional go-to-marketing strategies. Both Generation X and Z also have the potential to restructure business priorities, especially in the financial services industry.

In order to help financial institutions better understand the impact these generations will have on their business models, Urjanet conducted a survey of nearly 700 American consumers aged 18-40. From this, we gathered valuable insights on how these demographics interact with their financial services providers. In our report, Data-Driven World: Breaking Through to Generations with Better Data, you’ll learn about these insights and learn more about:

  • Consumer-driven trends across each generation
  • The similarities and differences between Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z consumer behaviors
  • Responding to these shifts in consumer demands and behaviors
  • Using alternative data to engage with each generation

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