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Beyond The Bill: Refining Your Energy Management Program with Interval Data

What data do you use to inform your energy management program? If you’re like most organizations, your energy management initiatives consist of collecting, analyzing and understanding consumption and costs at the monthly bill level. Bill data is the logical place to start because it’s readily available and something to which your organization already has access.

So, what’s next? Integrating interval data from smart meters can give your energy management program a strategic boost.


  • Beyond Bill Data: What’s Next for Energy Management?
  • The Smart Meter Landscape
    • A Look Back at the Evolution of the Smart Meter Market
    •  An Evolution Still in Progress
  • Methods for Accessing Interval Data
    • Pros and Cons: 5 Methods for Accessing Interval Data
    • Selecting the Right Access Method for Your Needs
  • 5 Use Cases for Whole Building Interval Data
    • Operational Improvements
    • Goal Setting and Tracking
    • Planning Effective Energy Initiatives 16 Occupant Engagement
    • Energy Budget Management
  • Better Together: The Combined Strength of Interval & Utility Bill Data
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