Urjanet Launches Utility Data for Solar to Accelerate Solar Market Growth


On-demand utility data solution harnesses integrations with over 900 utilities to tackle key data acquisition challenges in the solar sales cycle.

Atlanta, GA —Urjanet, the global leader in utility data aggregation, announced today that is has launched Utility Data for Solar, a Data-as-a-Service solution that provides on-demand access to residential and commercial energy usage, cost, and location data from more than 750 electric utilities in over 15 countries. With the launch of this new service, solar providers can now leverage sophisticated tools to accelerate solar adoption and drive progress toward a cleaner energy future.

While solar has displayed steady growth over the past decade – SEIA estimates an annual industry growth rate of 59 percent – recent developments threaten to slow its expansion. The current administration’s steep 30 percent tariff on imported solar panels is expected to drive higher prices and slow adoption of solar installations. As a result of the tariff, research firm Wood MacKenzie projects a 10 to 15 percent reduction in growth of U.S. residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar over the next five years.

On top of new legislative challenges, the industry has faced high and growing customer acquisition costs over the past few years. According to GTM Research, customer acquisition costs on average now represent a disproportionate 17 percent of the total system cost.

To overcome these looming challenges, Urjanet Utility Data for Solar provides sales insight for solar installers, brokers, marketplaces, financiers, and software providers to help get adoption back on track. With access to historical monthly energy consumption and demand, cost, and location data directly from more than 750 electric utilities, Utility Data for Solar will enable solar providers to:

  • Accelerate sales cycles and prioritize the right leads
  • Streamline and enhance the customer buying experience
  • Build tailored and accurate proposals that customers can trust

Urjanet Utility Data for Solar enables a more cost-effective, customized approach to selling solar systems that allows vendors to effectively focus on the needs, requirements, and situation of each residential or commercial buyer.

“At our very core, supporting a clean energy economy with innovative solutions has always been Urjanet’s goal,” said Sanjoy Malik, CEO at Urjanet. “With Utility Data for Solar, we’re excited to advance renewable energy agendas across residential and commercial sectors by providing tools to streamline opportunity assessment and sales processes.”

Solar vendors and customers alike benefit from the ability to easily access accurate energy data. Industry-leading marketplaces like EnergySage agree there is a significant market opportunity to accelerate solar adoption by leveraging historical energy spend and consumption data. “By enabling faster and more accurate ROI forecasts, utility data could play a valuable role in empowering more widespread solar adoption and accelerating healthy industry growth,” said John Gingrich, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at EnergySage.

Corporate sustainability agendas are also making significant progress with the help of Utility Data for Solar. “Renewable energy projects like solar are a key component of the Cox Conserves program, helping us offset more than 102,360 tons of carbon since 2007. This reduction is a key step towards the Cox commitment to be carbon neutral by 2044. Urjanet Utility Data has been a critical tool to pinpoint the highest priority sites for installation and to see the impact of our investments year over year,” said Keith Mask, Vice President of Environmental Sustainability at Cox Enterprises.

By offering on-demand, accurate, and complete energy usage, cost, and location data from more than 750 utilities, Utility Data for Solar aims to bring an automated, streamlined process to existing and emerging solar markets worldwide.

To learn more about Utility Data for Solar, click here.

Urjanet is a proud sponsor of solar at Greentech Media’s Solar Summit 2018. Find us at the event on May 1 – 2 in San Diego.