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Utility Data for Mortgage Proof of Occupancy Verification

Digitize your proof of occupancy verification process

Urjanet provides mortgage lenders and loan origination software providers with a digital proof of occupancy solution for verifying the residency address of FHA and VA mortgage loan borrowers. Within minutes, Urjanet links you to the online utility account enabling you to verify occupancy using the most recent utility bill. Streamline customer experiences, increase operational efficiency and meet compliance with ease.

Identity Verification

Simplify proof of occupancy with touchless verification

With the shift from face-to-face to digital loan processes, collecting paper documents reduces efficiency, increases burdens for loan officers and leads to a poor user experience for borrowers. Urjanet provides a fail-proof approach to verify occupancy – 100% digitally. Enable borrowers to connect their utility accounts from any desktop or mobile device and receive service and billing address data in near real-time.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

“We partnered with Urjanet to provide a very seamless experience for our customer base to get that utility bill - very simple, very easy, very mobile-friendly and that allowed us to scale.”
Marcus Bontrager, EVP at Freedom Mortgage

Make the switch to touchless proof of occupancy.

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