Urjanet + WatchWire

An integrated sustainability and energy data management solution

Urjanet and WatchWire’s integrated sustainability and energy data management solution combines granular, line-item utility invoice data with a comprehensive, customizable reporting system. Gain actionable insights and savings from a deeper level of data analytics – all in one place.

Better data, better results

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Leaders using integrated energy data management

"Without measuring and monitoring data, you cannot make progress. Partnering with WatchWire has enabled us to properly and accurately measure, verify, and improve our impact."
Mattan Sharvit, Corporate Responsibility Manager Pompeian
“Having good, complete data to share across the organization is important to us. When accounts payable asks what caused an unexpected spike in billing, we can find the answer with confidence.”
Andres Vargas, Energy Procurement Manager Cox Enterprises
“Through our partnership with Urjanet, we’re able to provide the most granular data possible in an intuitive, usable format to serve as the foundation for this consolidated approach to energy management.”
Andy Anderson, Partner & Managing Director EnergyWatch
“Urjanet had the most comprehensive solution to give us both our monthly utility data in a timely, consistent fashion, as well as prior-day interval data.”
Aaron Schreiber-Stainthorp, Sustainability Manager Jackson Family Wines

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