Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day from your friends at Urjanet! This past winter, we gifted 100 trees on behalf of our customers to the National Forest Foundation. You may ask, why did we choose trees? Approximately 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to deforestation. Over their lifetimes, the trees that we planted in the name of our valued customers will prevent soil erosion, stabilize coastlines, and provide needed nutrients.

In addition to counteracting the effects of deforestation, trees are also a core component of a healthy ecosystem. They preserve habitats for several species of plants and animals that face extinction without them. They store water during droughts and reduce damage during floods. And, trees benefit the built environment, too. In Barcelona, shade generated from tree canopy reduces the energy needed to power air conditioning by $10 million worth of utility bills every year.

So, in celebration of Earth Day, Urjanetters have been busy planting some more trees of our own.

Earth Day tree planting project

With the help of Trees Atlanta’s other volunteers, we planted more than 80 trees in Oakland City, a residential neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. Trees Atlanta is a local nonprofit dedicated to preserving and expanding Atlanta’s natural forest. The organization runs weekly tree planting and meadow maintenance projects every week. Learn more about getting involved with Trees Atlanta here.

This Earth Day, we’ll be taking a little extra time to appreciate and thank our planet. No matter how you choose to celebrate, we hope you enjoy it. And don’t be shy; let us know what you’re doing on Twitter!

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