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eBooks & Whitepapers

eBook: The Next Frontier in Energy Efficiency: “Greening” Multifamily Housing

Multifamily housing needs to be more sustainable and energy efficient.

Beyond The Bill: Refining Your Energy Management Program with Interval Data


Advance your energy management program by incorporating interval meter data.

eBook: The Corporate Sustainability Professional’s Guide to Better Data Management

Until recently, corporate sustainability programs were considered [...]

eBook: The Missing Puzzle Piece: Automated Utility Data Aggregation

Learn how to increase sales, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with automated utility data.

eBook: Building Energy Benchmarking & Transparency Laws

Learn how to comply with these laws and three additional ways to go above and beyond simply benchmarking.

Verdantix Report: Urjanet Supports Growth of Energy Management Ecosystem

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Atlanta, Urjanet is a cloud-based provider of energy data [...]

Verdantix Report: Urjanet Unravels Utility Billing with Big Energy Data Service

Discover how Urjanet’s technology takes the pain out of managing utility billing and interval meter data [...]

White Paper: Stop Manually Entering Your Utility Bill Data!

Energy is the third-largest budget item for most U.S. companies, representing $1 trillion [...]