“Our talented people are the foundation of Urjanet and make it what it is today.”

Sanjoy Malik, CEO

Everything we do at Urjanet is built around three very important components: team, customer and innovation.

While the smart and dedicated members of Team Urjanet share common goals, visions and passions for the company, we’re a very diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and countries around the world who come together every day to challenge each other to do our best work, solve big problems, have fun and celebrate success.

Our 10 Core Values

Passion and determination are contagious, so we believe in having a positive and optimistic attitude about everything we do.
When in doubt, communicate. We believe open and honest communication creates positive, trusting relationships that are critical to building a great team.
Constant change is the new normal — we don’t fear change — we embrace it, challenge the status quo and innovate to solve problems.
Be resourceful and creative in your problem-solving. Work hard to get things done and make a difference.
Set clear expectations and over deliver to everyone we serve — our customers, team members, investors, partners and our community.
Share the stage with others and no matter what happens, treat everyone with respect.
Take initiative and be proactive when you notice issues so that our team, customers and company can succeed.
Have the same ambition for others’ goals as you do for your own.
Be diligent with the investments and responsibilities you have been given.
Urjanet’s company culture is one that embraces hard work while also having a good time. We pride ourselves on our spirit, and strive to resonate a positive, fun energy inside and outside of the office.