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Urjanet Utility Interval Data

A 100% cloud-based solution for electricity, natural gas, and water interval meter data readings for over 70 utilities worldwide.

Access granular interval data from smart meters without costly hardware installation.

Urjanet Utility Interval Data, a Data-as-a-Service solution now offered through the Urjanet Utility Data Platform, is the industry’s first fully automated utility interval data service. Utility Interval Data boasts the most comprehensive coverage in the industry, connecting organizations to detailed interval data from more than 70 utility providers globally. The solution enables organizations to easily obtain and analyze granular energy and water usage data without costly hardware installation or smart meter upgrades.

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Understand granular usage

Interval Data provides granular data down to 1-hour intervals or less. Gain clarity into usage and pinpoint areas for improvement.

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Make the most of your budget

Access usage data directly from utility smart meters. Urjanet connects existing infrastructure to help you avoid costly hardware installation.

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Accelerate decision-making

Move beyond the pace of monthly invoice data. With daily delivery of prior-day data, you can make timely analyses and recommendations.

A Complete View of Your Data

Our cloud-based platform collects all of the data points on a utility bill, giving you better visibility on the data that is important to you.

A Complete View of Your Data

Urjanet can capture all data points from utility invoices, including…

  • Amount due
  • Usage & consumption
  • Service period
  • Payment history
  • Fees & charges
  • Tariffs

…and much more.

Discover the Value of Your Data With Urjanet

Our scalable platform provides you with a more organized and streamlined process to help you discover the power of your utility data.



Fully automated technology takes care of the heavy lifting of data collection, delivering a cost-effective solution for you.



Data is captured by our system as soon as it is available from the utility, typically on a daily basis.



The Urjanet Utility Data Platform aggregates data from more than 70 interval providers into one easy-to-use feed.



The data is configured to meet your requirements and normalized to respective time zones. Custom data integrations are available with the help of our Professional Services team.



Industry-leading safeguards protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of customer data.



Electricity, natural gas and water consumption data is reported in 5 to 60 minute intervals, depending on the specific utility reporting the information.

Innovative Companies Trust Urjanet

"Adding interval data to our offering opened up a whole new level of detail for our customers.”

- Chris Happ, CEO, Goby

“The insights we can glean from interval smart meter data are essential for virtually all energy management and operational efficiency efforts. Getting data directly from utilities is anything but simple or easy. We are excited to be an Urjanet partner and to leverage their expertise & technology in solving all tiers of utility data access.”

- Vladi Shunturov, President & CTO, Lucid

"Urjanet enables us to provide value to our customers quickly. The way we've done things before, from signed contracts all the way through to delivery -- it can be a long process. What Urjanet has allowed us to do is focus on the right parts of the process, knowing they can handle things that might have been a headache for us in the past. It helps us keep our customers engaged."

- Tyson Mayeda, Operations Director, Mach Energy
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Utility Data Tailored to Fit Your Needs

tailored utility data

We can also deliver data directly to many popular industry applications through a number of pre-built, standard adapters. Urjanet can also configure and customize data delivery formats for easy integration into other software applications.

Integrations include:

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