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Urjanet Unlocks the Power of Utility Data for:

Sustainability Reporting

Access data. Track energy consumption. Advance your reporting.

Accessing utility data is key to meeting your organization’s sustainability goals, but gathering data coming from other departments is a chore. Our platform makes accessing quality utility data from disparate sources quick and easy.

Access the data you need without relying on others.

With our platform, your data will automatically be aggregated into a standardized format -- eliminating the need to rely on others to receive the quality data you need.

Track, manage, and score energy consumption more efficiently.

We eliminate the hassle of having to identify and collect disparate data points, helping you to track, manage, and score your energy consumption more efficiently.

Speed up your analysis and reporting.

Speed up your analysis and reporting process with our automated platform. We cut out the middleman and give you direct access to the information you need faster.

A Complete View of Your Data

Our cloud-based platform collects all of the data points on a utility bill, giving you better visibility on the data that is important to you.

A Complete View of Your Data

Urjanet can capture all data points from utility invoices, including…

  • Amount due
  • Usage & consumption
  • Service period
  • Payment history
  • Fees & charges
  • Tariffs

…and much more.

Discover the Value of Your Data With Urjanet

Utility bill data is complicated and can be difficult to acquire. We provide you with a more organized, streamlined process to get the right data for your needs.



Our technology is fully automated, saving you time and eliminating the potential for errors that come with manual entry or bill-by-bill OCR.



Our platform allows for fully configurable data deliveries. We can return recurring or on-demand deliveries with our request-based API, with the most recent invoice, historical data, and even interval data.



We can provide over 50 data points from your utility invoices. Your data will always be thorough, consistent, and most importantly, complete.



We maintain industry-leading safeguards to help protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of customer data.



We take the accuracy of our data seriously, with over 150 data audits to ensure your data is robust and trustworthy.



Designed to grow with your business, our cloud-based platform is scalable to meet the demands of processing and delivering large volumes of data in a timely manner.

Innovative Companies Trust Urjanet

“With the Urjanet platform, we have seen a very good ROI. Depending on the market, we could see anywhere from 10% to up to 30% in savings.”

– Robert Fairey, Sr. Director-Energy Procurement & Waste Diversion at Cox Enterprises
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Utility Data Tailored to Fit Your Needs

We can also deliver data directly to many popular industry applications through a number of pre-built, standard adapters. Urjanet can also configure and customize data delivery formats for easy integration into other software applications.

Integrations include:

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