Why Improving Utility Bill Management Matters


Video: Why Improving Utility Bill Management Matters

Utility bill management can be complex and time-consuming. Many companies today are incurring utility late fees, missing opportunities for cost reduction, and straining internal resources because their processes aren’t streamlined or efficient. Tim Porter, Director of Channel / OEM Sales at Urjanet, sat down with Michael Scelzi, CEO of The Energy Control Company (ECC), to discuss utility bill management best practices, insights into new innovations, and how companies can benefit from improving their approach. With over 30 years of experience, Scelzi, a Certified Energy Manager and serial entrepreneur, holds multiple patents in the energy field, including energy analysis, electrical signature analysis, energy reporting, and determining the insulating value of built structures. To read the interview transcript, visit this blog post: The Value of Improving Your Utility Bill Management: Insights and Best Practices.